Anaphylaxis Canada announces name change and new website

Welcome to Food Allergy Canada: Anaphylaxis Canada announces name change and new website

August 18th, 2015, Toronto, ON – Anaphylaxis Canada is proud to announce today that we are changing our name to Food Allergy Canada and introducing a new website – We are making these important changes as part of our ongoing effort to make life safer for people with food allergies and those who may be at risk from anaphylaxis. Along with our new name and website, we are also introducing a new logo (see above!) and branding for the organization, as well as additional resources.

In making these exciting new changes, our commitment to helping protect those at risk is strengthened; our core mission and values remain the same. We continue to be focused on improving the quality of life of those living with food allergies and provide valuable support and resources to individuals, families, and the community.

Why the change?

When our organization was created in 2001, public awareness about food allergies and anaphylaxis was limited. It was important to educate Canadians on the seriousness of food allergies and that a reaction could be potentially life-threatening. This necessitated using the proper medical terms throughout our communications and in our name. While education is always an ongoing effort, we believe there is a much greater public understanding of the link between anaphylaxis and food allergies.

Our new name will allow us to broaden our reach and support even more Canadians. As food allergy is a growing public health issue, it is critical that our organization be visible and accessible to families who could benefit from our support and services. As more people learn they, their children, or a family member has food allergies, we want them to know that Food Allergy Canada is the organization for them. At the same time, we remain committed to providing the best available information to Canadians who may be at risk of anaphylaxis from medication or insect stings.

This is an exciting year for our organization: important new allergy research continues to be unveiled; we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sabrina’s Law in Ontario, the launch of our new educational community resources (, and our new Adults with Allergies blog (; and we continue to explore innovative opportunities to make the world a safer place for people with food allergies. Of course, there is always more work to do. We invite you to join Food Allergy Canada as we carry on with these efforts.

Food Allergy Canada would like to thank Scotiabank, as our Presenting Sponsor, and the family and friends of Sean Delaney, for supporting the development of our new website. We would also like to thank Zulu Alpha Kilo for their support in designing our new brand and logo.

About Food Allergy Canada (formerly Anaphylaxis Canada)
Food Allergy Canada is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians with food allergies and those who care for them. The organization is committed to creating a safer world for people with potentially life-threatening allergies through education, advocacy, and research. The organization’s approach to reducing the risk of allergic reactions in both children and adults is focused on self-management, community engagement, understanding, and respect. For more information, please visit

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